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Uncover the Secrets of the Human Body – Understanding Human Anatomy Physiology

By J Ross

To total it up in a elementary sentence, the study of the human anatomy is the scientific study of the human body. At present this is where the word casual stops. Once you start your studies, there is no uncertainty that once you study the first few lines of the foundation you are going to ask ,what did I put myself into . Don’t scared.

The knowledge you are starting to have from the study of the human anatomy, with join and associate into a coordinated style just as the human body does.

You will shortly learn that you study a set of facts it will take you onto a new set of facts. If you study in blocks of facts, before you recognise it you are starting to have a very particular base in the study of medication. It Is very much like operating on a jig saw puzzle. You do all the frames then start taking in the pieces. it’s the corresponding with your studies.

The fundamental principles are your margins, then all the systems and functions are the pieces. Thinking about it this way maybe takes away some of the panic and doubts you are now experiencing. You will get frustrated along the way. You have probably often been told take one day at a time, now I am suggesting that you take one body section at time. Before you know it you will standing in front of a group of people proudly accepting your diploma.

Its fascinating to notice that when a scholar is reading the human anatomy and someone asks what are they studying. That individual will say, oh I am going to be a Doctor or nurse,etc . They will distinguish the profession as matched to the study. Very rarely will you see them say I am analysing the human anatomy.

Starting on with your studies will most likely begin with your foundation. Right from the start you are going to study a entire different language, being medical terminology. There is no escaping from it. If you are going to be entering the medical world then you need to know how to talk in the medical world. If you do not, you will get all lost, and will more than probably fail your course. Once again this is not so challenging if you set up numerous learning patterns. Let me give you an instance.

You will read the scientific study of the morphology of the human body.

Great the starting sentence and the first medical word morphology. So now what do you do. No question you will have numerous medical resources that has a terminology division. Set Out there, look up the word morphology. Does it say in reasonably casual terms that it is the study of external visual aspect. Like the shape ,structure, color, pattern of an organism.

Ok now rewrite the introductory sentence in easier terms, like this, The scientific study of the (morphology) which is the external appearance of an organism, such as the shape ,structure, color, and pattern. Congratulations you just clear your 1st medical term. Instantly how do you remember? Write this sentence on a study paper, both ways, just as we did here. Highlighting the medical word with a yellow marker. At Present when it gets time to study you have your block. Remember as we previously wrote, learn in cubes? This is a perfect illustration.

About the Author: Discover the easiest way to learn human anatomy with Dr. James Ross. Get a grip on the human body with 3000 pages of content and detailed illustrations. Mastering the human anatomy has never been this easy! This ultimate human anatomy and physiology course is invaluable whether you are a student, practitioner or medical trainer.


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Intriguing Facts About the Human Brain

By Gregory Frost

The human brain is one of the complicated organs in the human system, understanding how the brain works is a whole subject by itself. In fact research has never had a conclusive report of the functions of the brain. However, the available facts about the human brain can help anyone understand bits about the power of the brain. The brain has several organs charged with different functions; each organ functions determine how well activities are carried around the brain. For instance the frontal lobe has some organs which are charged to perform acts of feelings, memory etc.

So how does it work? Well, take for instance, an individual finds themselves inclined to sleep should lights go off when they are in a room, what happens in this scenario is that the brain produces some chemicals known as serotonin and dopamine to affect this effect. One should understand that this happens automatically. The brain controls an individual behaviors drive to achieve success and so on.

The brain is the controlling head of nervous system. A human brain is protected by thick bones of skull and weighs about 1.5 kg. Human brain is much larger than other mammals and its Cerebral Cortex (located in forebrain) is mainly responsible for most of the expansion. Forebrain’s frontal lobes control the executive functions of human beings such as planning, controlling motivating and abstract thinking.

The Central purpose of the brain is to control the body’s actions and reactions in response to other actions. It receives all the sensory information from the body and rapidly analyses it and then sends messages to the body organs as it is explained in the following lines:

(1) Our body’s balance, posture and movements are controlled by Cerebellum

(2) The Brainstem controls our heart beat breathe and conscious related brain functions.

(3) Our special thinking and learning of routine life is controlled by neocortex.

Many scientists believe that the area located in the forehead of the brain (prefrontal cortex) has the key role in forming short-term memory. The evidence of this fact is that many types of scans like MRI and PET have shown that prefrontal cortex always appeared busy at the time of casualty. Prefrontao cortex holds a flexible storage of information that always has a relevance to the current in-hand task.

The most appealing thing is the connection between consciousness and the memory. A recollected observation is just real like a current memory experience. Anyway, discoveries and fact revealing about memory and the brain are still in progress and much more is expected to come to know about brain mysteries in the future.

As mentioned earlier, people can manipulate their brains to achieve desired success, it is very important for an individual to know how to take advantage of laws of attraction when it comes to personal development acts. Self help practices such as self affirmation acts play a great role when it comes to affecting lifestyle change, one should always think positive so as to achieve what they desire in life.

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Thanks for visiting our human brain website. You will find the latest information, discussions about the pros and cons of each aspect, and also, a large community of readers who regularly share their ideas and opinions on the latest developments. It is as important now as it ever was to examine the issue carefully. After all, without the facts, how can we know we are making the right choice?

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Dissecting The Human Brain To Find Out How It Learns

By David Slade

When you were asked to dissect a frog in science class how did you feel? You may have felt a little hesitant even a little cruel as you tore it limb from limb to see what was inside of it. But in the end you ended up learning and those memories are still strong and with you, even today. However, many other things that you learned in school have long been forgotten. For example, if you had to have a high school test today what grade level do you think you would be at? Probably, suffice to say, it would be a lot lower than you think!

Yes, there is something very wrong with our schools today. What is the problem? The problem is the failure of educators to dissect or look into the inner-workings of the brain to see how the brain learns. To solve this problem, I have put together an article, which explains how the brain learns.

The Developing Brain

When a baby comes into the world her brain is a jumble of neurons, all waiting to be woven into the intricate tapestry of the mind. Some of the neurons have already been hard-wired, by the genes in the fertilized egg, into circuits that command breathing or control heartbeat, regulate body temperature or produce reflexes. But trillions upon trillions more are like the Pentium chips in a computer before the factory preloads the software. They are pure and of almost infinite potential, unprogrammed circuits that might one-day compose rap songs and do calculus, erupt in fury and melt in ecstasy. If the neurons are used, they become integrated into the circuitry of the brain by connecting to other neurons; if they are not used they may die.

The traditional view was that the wiring diagram is predetermined, like one for a new house, by the genes in the fertilized egg. Unfortunately, even though half the genes – 50,000 – are involved in the central nervous system in some way, there are not enough of them to specify the brain’s incomparably complex wiring. That leaves another possibility: genes might determine only the brain’s main circuits, with something else shaping the trillions of finer connections. That something else is the environment, the myriad of messages that the brain receives from the outside world.

Yes, it is the experiences of childhood, determining which neurons are used, that wire the circuits of the brain as surely as a programmer at a keyboard reconfigures the circuits in a computer. Which keys are typed – which experiences a child has – determines whether the child grows up to be intelligent or dull, fearful or self-assured, articulate or tongue-tied. In fact, “early experiences are so powerful,” says pediatric neurobiologist Harry Chugani of Wayne State University, that “they can completely change the way a person turns out.”

According to the emerging paradigm [model], “there are two broad stages of brain wiring,” says developmental neurobiologist Carla Shatz of the University of California, Berkeley: “an early period, when experience is not required, and a later one, when it is.”

How does experience wire a child’s brain during the formative years? Babies are born with 100 billion cells, called neurons. Throughout a child’s formative years, trillions of connections called synapses, form between the cells, acting as bridges and establishing the brain’s circuitry – the architecture that allows a person to see, feel, move, and process information. A brain with more, higher-quality synapses can process information more quickly, and with less energy, than a brain with fewer, less relevant synapses.

What creates these crucial synapses? Pure and simple, it’s stimulation: light, color, and sound. In day-to-day terms, that means the kiss you plant on your baby’s toes, the clay a toddler molds into funny shapes, the tone of voice you use to comfort or correct, the sights and scents of a new place – all send synapses crackling in every direction. Without the right stimulation, key synapses don’t form. And if such connections, once formed, are used too seldom to be strengthened and reinforced – the brain, figuring they’re dead weight, eventually “prunes” them away for the sake of efficiency. Research has revealed that unused mental powers fade away. Thus the brain, like a muscle, is strengthened by use and weakened by disuse.

About the Author: My name is David Slade and I am an English Teacher with quite a bit of experience in translation work. If you would like to see my site please go to


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Neanderthal Species Distinct From Humans

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Neanderthal Species Distinct From Humans

By Greg Neyman

For many years young earth ministries have claimed that Neanderthals were modern humans. However, new evidence shows that they should in fact be a separate species, which died out, and did not contribute to the gene pool of present-day humanity.

In a story reported in late January 2004, scientists did a detailed computer analysis of human and Neanderthal skulls, comparing the variations with the variations of sub-species of apes. (Footnote 1) The computer analysis showed that the differences measured between modern humans and Neanderthals were significantly greater than those found between subspecies of living monkeys and apes. According to the scientists, this makes the case that Neanderthals should be considered as a separate species.

Implications for Creation Theory

If Neanderthals are a separate species from humans, and not just a sub-species, what are the implications for the various forms of creationist thought? Here is a summary.

Progressive Creationists – Progressive creationists believe in an old earth, but do not believe in evolution. Each species was a specific creation of God, and did not subsequently evolve into other species. Neanderthals can be considered a separate, created species, which did not evolve from previous species, and became extinct 29,000 years ago. As such, they were not created in the image of God (Adam being the first some 6,000 to 10,000 years ago), and did not have a soul.

Theistic Evolutionists – Theistic evolutionists believe in an old earth, and claim that God used evolutionary processes to finally arrive at today’s species. Neanderthals can be considered one of the branches of hominids that evolved, but due to natural selection died out about 29,000 years ago.

Gap Theorists – Gap theorists believe that there was an older, created world, in between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2. This old world was replaced by God during the creation week account of Genesis. Acceptance of evolutionary principles varies. Neanderthals can be considered created by either evolution or special creation, which died out 29,000 years ago, or before the old world was replaced with the new one.

For the three main forms of old earth belief, Neanderthal presents no problems. However, it does present problems for young earth creationists.

The fact that Neanderthals died out 29,000 years ago, 23,000 years before they claim the earth was created, cannot be reconciled with the Genesis account of creation. They tell their followers that the dating evidence for Neanderthal is flawed; however it is only young-earth creationists who dispute this…no reputable scientist disputes these ages. This is not to say that many young-earth scientists are not reputable in other fields, it only means that they are blinded to the truth by their presupposition that the earth is young.

A separate Neanderthal species, not an ancestor to modern man, destroys the young earth claims that Neanderthal was a human with an eternal soul. You may be saying that this skull evidence is only the conclusions of scientists, and other scientists could conclude otherwise. I agree. However, there is hard evidence that is irrefutable…analysis of Neanderthal and modern man DNA concludes that Neanderthal did not contribute to the DNA of modern man. (Footnote 2)


More research needs to be done to separate Neanderthal to a species distinct from Homo Sapiens. However, enough evidence is available to disprove young-earth claims that Neanderthal was human.

1 CNN Article (

2 Article (

About the Author: Greg Neyman is the founder of the website ministry Answers In Creation. The original location of this article is here.


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Cost-Free Human Brain Instruction That Really Functions

Author: Chantay Lanna

In case you’re enthusiastic about mental coaching, the very first point that involves brain is possibly video clip video game titles like Mental faculties Age or Large Brain Academy, or probably yet another on the net plan like Lumosity. In fact, almost certainly each mental coaching method you can consider of is almost certainly some type of product that may set you spine somewhat capital. But the fact in the matter is usually that mind teaching may very well be absolutely free of charge, and much more productive then the paid back alternatives available. Without having more ado, I existing the Final Guidebook to Free Human brain Education.

The primary matter to realize is usually that you will discover numerous areas that play important roles in determining your mental faculties physical fitness and training your brain. I suppose that in the event you’re reading this guide, you definitely recognize the value of maintaining your mind well-being, but you happen to be possibly only aware of a very little scope in the matter. Where human brain education games fall shorter is this: they only function on human brain workout. They fully ignore the opposite 3 pillars of mental faculties health and fitness: physical training, managing your stress, and correct nutrition.

Enable’s acquire a have a look at nutrition initially. How do you maximize your food plan for mental health, with out shelling out further capital? Luckily, there’s almost nothing to fear about missing by not shelling out bucks. Supplements which are claimed to increase your memory or mental functioning just usually do not function whatsoever. The two DHEA and Ginkgo biloba supplements are sold as antiaging or mental well being supplements, and scientific studies by various scientists indicate that they’ve no effects whatsoever. Having said that, Omega-three or more fatty acids which can be found in cold-water fish do seem to enhance mental capabilities and attention. So with no investing extra capital on supplements, try out consuming some mackerel, salmon, tuna, or herring for dinner.

Also vital to brain health is managing your strain. Too much pressure will literally melt away you out and decrease your human brain’s functioning capabilities. A single pleasurable and cost-free technique to retain strain stages very low would be to continue to be clued in for your social network. Get in touch with a pal, agenda a date, ship a letter to some loved ones new member. Actual physical exercising, which is often a pillar of mental faculties education in and of by itself, can even support reduced your stress amounts. An additional choice could well be some simple meditation, it is really an extraordinary instrument.

Physical work out can also be a great location to efficiently prepare your mental. Should you participate in a very sport like tennis or soccer, you can be doing work the body whilst pondering intensely about the match at hand. On best of all of that, the workout naturally reduces your anxiety. That is 3 in the 4 parts correct there! In actuality, any elementary workout is great for your brain physical fitness, but when you enjoy a sport, then which is the optimal answer. Be positive that the heart is up in your goal workout array for 20 mins at a minimal to consider it a “workout”, and do it at the least a few situations a week.

Finally, let’s discuss brain work out. You do not should expend funds on video video games or computer system computer software or world-wide-web subscriptions to obtain mind physical exercise. You may do a uncomplicated search engines quest for “mental teasers” and do all those. Irrespective of what salesmen will attempt to let you know, any easy action that gets you thinking challenging and operating your brain is mental exercise. Your human brain workout pillar may very well be fulfilled quickly by currently being genuinely active in living, reading 20 minutes every single night, or dedicating by yourself to finding out a new theme. Mind work out isn’t going to ought to be costly, it just has to get A THING.

That is it. Which is all you actually require. A substitution or two in your eating habits, a approach to reduce your strain (entirely no cost), some actual exercising (also completely totally free), and easy brain work out that might be studying, or human brain teasers, or just a actually invigorating practical experience. It is possible to max efficiency in your own brain training by meditating or playing a sport, all which cowl several regions at as soon as. And which is the way you can be coaching your mind and functioning on mental fitness, all totally free. Goodbye, high-priced items.

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About the Author
I have been working online for 3 years. I practice different ways of marketing. I create my own but also sell other people’s products. I really like Badminton and Basketball, I draw when I have time and enjoy my life with my friends and family.

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Humans Can’t Get Bird Flu From Humans: But That Could Change Soon

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Humans Can’t Get Bird Flu From Humans: But That Could Change Soon

By George McKenzie

Bird flu, or avian flu, is an influenza virus strain that typically infects birds – including wild birds like ducks and domestic birds like chickens.

There are many forms of bird flu, and most are relatively harmless, producing mild symptoms or even no symptoms. However, several strains of bird flu produce a highly contagious disease that kills quickly and could lead to a massive bird flu epidemic. These dangerous viruses are known as “highly pathogenic avian influenza.”

One such bird flu virus is currently spreading among chickens in Asian countries. In recent years it was discovered that the bird flu virus can infect people who have close contact with live birds.

The current strain cannot be passed from human to human, but heath officials say it may mutate and become contagious in our species. If that happens, according to David Nabarro of the U.N. and World Health Organization, “an epidemic could kill between 5 and 150 million people,” which would be a much larger disaster than 2004’s Asian Tsunami and 2005’s U.S. hurricanes combined.

Symptoms of bird flu (avian flu) in humans include:




Muscle aches

Sore throat

(Severe cases) Breathing problem and pneumonia

How dangerous is bird flu?

Bird flu can be fatal.

There have been a number of small outbreaks of bird flu since 1997, and people who get it appear to have a high mortality rate.

*1997 Hong Kong – 18 people were infected and 6 people died.

*There were two cases and one death in Hong Kong in 2003.

*As many as 10 deaths have been linked to an outbreak in a number of Asian countries last year.

How can bird flu be treated?

Anyone with bird flu symptoms should see a health care professional immediately. The bird flu virus currently infecting birds in Asia that has caused human illness and death appears to be resistant to Tamiflu, according to officials at Queen Mary Hospital in Australia. Tamiflu is the most common drug used to treat flu in humans.

There currently is no vaccine to protect humans against the strain of bird flu virus that’s been detected in Asia. However, research studies to test a bird flu vaccine to protect humans began in April 2005.

Additional information and resources, including tips for avoiding bird flu, can be found at

About the Author: George McKenzie is a freelance writer and CEO of Mastermind Learning Systems He’s a
former TV news anchor and radio talk show host.


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Humans And The Universe

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Humans And The Universe

By Victorino Q. Abrugar

There are nine well-recognized planets in our Solar System. The Sun, the center of our Solar System is just one star among hundreds of billions of stars in the Milky Way Galaxy. The Milky Way is also just one of hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe. If you will compute how many possible planets are there in the universe, it would be unbelievably enormous. Through this tremendous fact in our universe, scientists and astronomers believe that there may be huge probability of living creatures’ existence aside from earthlings. This probability is as huge as the numbers of existing planets in the universe. Imagine a great number of islands in our planet, the higher the number of islands the greater the possibility of inhabitant discovery. Scientists believe on the existence of aliens, inhabitants of other planets. There would be also a possibility of existence of Earth-like planet in the universe. A simple theory is the existence of twins and identical people living in our planet. There may be a person in this world who is much like looks like you. There are only less than hundred of billions of humans in our planet against the possible hundred of septillions of planets in the universe. Are you now convinced of the existence of aliens and other living creatures in the universe?

Several claims on the sightings of aliens and UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) already become recurring news in radios, televisions and tabloids. But since my birth, I never saw clear pictures of aliens and alien ships. All of these are controversial, disputable and unidentifiable. If there are really aliens then where are they? Why there is no clear and undisputable claim of sightings of these creatures? There are other creatures on earth aside from animal, trees and humans. These creatures are merely spirits and elemental. Some of them existed to deceive the world. They have the power to mimic anyone just to deceive the world. They can imitate aliens and even your dead family members. They are the reasons of incorrect beliefs on Earth. And one of this is the conviction on Aliens.

Personally and principally, I believe that earthlings are the only living creatures in this universe. The discovered bacteria on the moon came from Earth. If there would be people in Mars, it would be humans migrated from Earth in seek of a new planet to live. God created forms of life only on Earth. He made no life forms on other planets. But if there are no lives on other planets, then why God created Universe and those billions of galaxies and billions of planets in those galaxies? A tough question isn’t it? But you know this is just a matter of shelter. Humans need shelters or houses to live. These shelters need lands to be built. Lands need a planet to be placed. Our planet needs a solar system to revolve. Our solar system needs a galaxy to be positioned. And finally a galaxy needs universe to stay on. The principle behind is we are specially created by God. Humans are the center and the essence of His creation. We are His principal creation. The planets, stars, galaxies and even the universe are only created incidentally to support the Human creation. Those extremely huge and enormous objects are only matters and physical and far beyond compare to the significance of human souls.

About the Author: Victorino Q. Abrugar is dedicated in spiritual philosophy. He is the author of


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A Hairy Issue For Humans

Have you ever wondered how humans works? Doesn't it baffle your mind a bit? Doesn't it spark your curious mind, and make you think incessantly about it? Are you interested in learning facts, trivia and other interesting information about it? You have come to the right place because every so often we update this site with various information about humans. Click on the links and start reading!

A Hairy Issue For Humans

Author: John Prytz

The amount of your hair from the neck up is different from your hair (what little there is of it) from the neck down. There are sexual differences with respect to hair between the human male and female as well both from the neck up and from the neck down. The curious part is that neither neck up or neck down or sexual differences tend to have close parallels with nearly all the rest of the terrestrial mammalian kingdom, mammals we presumably naturally evolved from. The 64 cent question is why?


Humans vs. Mammals: Humans tend to have way less body covering usually termed hair and/or fur relative to other mammals, our size or below, including our primate ancestors. That our first uniqueness. Why is that? Now apparently our lack of fur, why we lost the fur we presumably once had way back once upon a very remote time ago, was because we developed sweat glands to regulate heat, which, IMHO was a retrograde development.


Fur is a good regulator whether retaining or allowing body heat to escape. Some animals, like cats, shed some fur as the warmer weather approaches, though it thickens again as winter approaches. Sweat glands are only a cooling mechanism. That’s okay. But be that as it may, the ‘why’ question now becomes one of explaining why humans alone out of all our primate cousins developed sweat glands thus contributing to the evolutionary loss of our fur. You’d think what’s good for the human is also good for the gorilla, chimpanzee, gibbon, orang-utan, etc. So, why were humans and humans alone selected to be ‘the naked ape’? Was it a normal natural selection, an evolutionary fluke or by design?


Neck Up / Neck Down – Distribution: For the human species, there’s an obvious dichotomy between the amounts of hair we have from the neck up relative to the neck down. But any breed of cat, or dog say will tend to be just as furry neck up as neck down. Why do we have a neck up / neck down division to our relative hairiness? Was it normal natural selection, an evolutionary fluke or by design?


Neck Up / Neck Down – Haircuts: From the neck up, humans tend to need to have the occasional trim or haircut, or shave. But, humans, like the rest of the mammals, don’t need haircuts from the neck down. To b honest, the rest of the mammals don’t need haircuts from the neck up either, unlike humans. Why is that? Why do humans need haircuts? Was it normal natural selection, an evolutionary fluke or by design?


Sexual Differentiation: Hairiness or furriness has no obvious sexual differentiation in nearly all the rest of the mammals; male cats of any particular breed will have as much hair on their bodies as their female counterparts, although male lions have manes that lionesses don’t have. Still, lions and lionesses apart, that sexual distinction is part and parcel of the human species. In humans, males tend to be way more the hairier in terms of overall body covering. Males also tend to have far more hair on the front of the face – beards and moustaches. But that’s not always true on top. When it comes to hairiness, there’s not only a neck up / neck down division but a differential between the sexes. Why is that so? Was it normal natural selection, an evolutionary fluke or by design?



Natural Pattern Baldness: I need start here by making a distinction between thinning hair which a goodly percentage of human males and females experience as they age, and baldness. Some human males, percentages increasing with ever increasing age, tend to lose, for reasons apart from disease, stress, chemotherapy, etc., more of their hair up top – the common occurrence called male pattern baldness or partial baldness or massive thinning of the hair on top. But whether to a greater or lesser degree, there’s not an inevitability of hair thinning and total loss of hair up top with age in human males. That alone suggests that aging isn’t the be-all-and-end-all of the condition.


Human females, though to a far lesser extent, will also tend to exhibit hair thinning (as opposed to total baldness), again, percentages going up as one’s age goes up and up. On balance however, you see far, far fewer females than males with bald spots relative to gradual hair thinning.  


It’s an unfortunate fact of life that I’ve got a lot less hair up top today than I had in my teens. That applied to my father and equally as well to my father’s father. The question is why is baldness an unfortunate fact of life for some since baldness isn’t a fact of life for all human males; it certainly isn’t as much of an issue for the female of the species (another of those sexual differentiations noted above). Baldness certainly isn’t a fact of life for most hairy or furry species (another human vs. animal data point to be added to the above), like our companion animals, be they cats or dogs, mice or rats, rabbits or guinea pigs, ferrets or alpacas. However, the thinning of the hair isn’t quite uniquely confined to humans. Some primates, but only a relatively few species, show some progressive thinning of their scalp hair following their version of puberty.


So baldness tends to be fairly obviously a sex-linked genetically transmitted condition that arose as the result of some genetic mutation in an ancestral primate and/or human male multi-thousands upon thousands of years ago, way before the start of written history. But lots of questions arise. Why balding on just the top of the head; why not, especially with inevitable aging, the entire head (and face)? Why not the entire body’s covering of hair? Humans have so little fur that the thinning and loss of the rest of it shouldn’t matter really. [There are medical conditions that do involve total facial, even in extreme cases total body hair loss, but they aren’t related to normal hair thinning and baldness.]


If hair thinning and eventually baldness (in some individuals) confers no evolutionary advantage or disadvantage why is there nothing similar in any other non-primate mammalian species? Actually there might be an evolutionary advantage in that genetically linked hair thinning and eventual baldness presumably started with one mutation in a statistical sample of just one individual (perhaps even one of our ancestral primate cousins) which has now spread to include a reasonable minority of adult males (or majority of adult males, even females if you count just hair thinning and those over 60 or so). However, why did that original mutation spread as it obviously did? What could that evolutionary advantage actually be? And if there is an evolutionary advantage, why isn’t the condition more widespread throughout mammalian species? For the moment, those questions stump me. Was it normal natural selection, an evolutionary fluke or by design?


Spots / Stripes / Plain: Humans, from the neck up, have a single natural hair colour. Human hair tends to be blonde, red, brown or black (I’ll ignore grey/white since that’s an aging issue). So here we have one species, four different hair colourations. Mammals of any one species tend to be one of two colour patterns, neither of which has a parallel akin to the human condition. Either all members of a species are just one plain colour and only that colour; polar bears are white; brown bears are brown (the very rare condition of acquiring the genetic mutation and ending up an albino is a separate issue), or else all members are multi-coloured with spots, stripes; often an irregular pattern. All humans, one species, aren’t all the same with respect to hair colour like brown bears – some humans are blonde, or black or red-haired. Tigers have stripes; leopards have spots; calico cats tend to be multi-coloured with an irregular symmetry. Humans have neither stripes, spots nor an irregular colouration pattern. Why are humans different from other mammals when it comes to the general rule of one species – one hair colour, or one species – multi-coloured fur patterns? Was it normal natural selection, an evolutionary fluke or by design?


But the biggest anomaly of all is what natural environmental changes – triggers – survival-of-the-fittest scenarios transpired that could account for all these differences between the human mammal and the rest of the mammals blessed with fur? It’s not an advantage one would think to need a haircut; the amount of relative hairiness between males and females, including baldness, is great enough to require an explanation, but I can’t think of one; and there would appear to be no advantage in humans coming in four basic hair colours, yet no combinations of those. It is all very strange.


Summary: Non-human mammals our size or less are way more covered in hair or fur than humans. Non-human mammals show no sexual differentiation in their hairiness or furriness. Nearly all non-human mammals show no neck up/neck down differentiation with respect to hair covering. Non-human mammals don’t need haircuts. Non-human mammals don’t go bald though some primates exhibit hair thinning. So what’s up with humans? Were all these anomalies just normal natural selection, an evolutionary fluke or by design? And if by design; whose design? It’s a hairy issue! 

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